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The growth of your business, regardless of the field of activity, can often depend on the quality of the suppliers you collaborate with on a daily basis. Indeed you have managed to find some suppliers (see the process in Astuces 02 by 2GL). You got a short list of three (3) potential suppliers according to your selection criteria. In order to reassure yourselves more about the viability of these providers, it is essential to conduct some additional in-depth research.

The steps below will help you better audit each supplier:

1- Google the full name of the supplier plus “scam”

The request on Google is done with the different names of supplier you communicate with. You type the name followed by the word “scam” to see if this supplier appears in Google’s results of update list of scams and / or frauds. The name of this supplier might be appears in the list of names mostly used by scammers. Like they do on: .

2- The website of the factory

Check the existence of the website , this will give you the information on the upload, on the host, the contact of the owner, the contact of the company, the address, the email, the number phone etc.

3- Business license and export license

The business license and the export license are two very important and necessary documents. At your request, the supplier must provide them without any constraint or hesitation. Registration numbers can be verified online at the following website: “State Administration for Industry and Commerce of China”: (this site is entirely in Chinese, but you can use Google Chrome for automatic translation).

So you could check and compare items on both the license and the government site such as:

• The name of the company

• The registration number

• The legal manager (also ask his ID CARD to compare the names).

• The address (check if it’s the same on the paper at the top of the Invoice)

• The capital

• The statute

• The activity

• Creation date

• The shareholder etc.

4- Sample and payment terms

Suppliers who are not of good character will find any kind of excuse for not sending you the sample.

A real and serious supplier has an official corporate bank account. You can possibly contact the bank to check. Never transfer money to the personal account of a Chinese person.

If you have difficulties with Mandarin (Chinese language), entrust the relay to the team of 2GL Global Solutions who masters the language better. It would be an honor and a privilege to satisfy you.

For any other concern, do not hesitate to contact us.

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